What’s inside a Glampervan? I toured the Dodge Ram Promaster campervan conversion

SSSNOO outside Glampervan

Are you wondering what van living is all about? Me too! Though I’ve already committed to diving in and have a Glampervan in progress — my Promaster campervan conversion begins soon — I’m still new to van life and welcomed the opportunity to check out a meetup this past Saturday on Fiesta Island in San Diego. Just a few minutes from my home, there was a gathering of over 100 vans!

Glampervan was on the exhibitor list, so I popped over and took a live tour inside a completed prototype of my soon-to-be Glampervan. Guys: I have found my tribe. Seriously.

The event had vans of all types, from DIY creations to luxurious prefabbed models. I was thrilled to meet two other single women around my age who are on the road full-time — and they did most of the work on their vans themselves — so impressed. Yes, older single women are van-lifers too!

Why I am joining the van life

It is always a bit scary to venture out where you know absolutely no one. Most of my friends are partnered up and have ready companions for all of their adventures.

Unlike them, I have no partner and don’t see one in my future (probably a good thing given my track record), so either I forge out on my own or I sit at home dreaming about the adventures I want to have someday.

Well, I turn 60 this year, thus I am facing the reality that I have far more days behind me than ahead of me – and who knows how many in good health.

So I am taking the leap. Like many other important decisions I made over the years, I asked myself if I would regret it someday if I did not heed the call to travel. Heck yes, I would! Adventure is calling me and I am not going to miss out.

While I have always been a planner – a little on the OCD side to be sure, but raising 7 children made that a necessity- this time I am going to freestyle it. When I hit the road I’ll plan no further than the next stop. I’ll go where the book I am reading book lures me, and where the weather will be nice to me (no more snow for me, thanks) or where there is something interesting I want to see.

I truly hope you will follow me on my adventure. Your virtual companionship will keep me inspired.

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Take a Glampervan tour with me

My first hands-on tour of a Glampervan confirmed my decision to have them outfit my van. I am no DIYer even though the fantasy of doing the work myself is enticing.

Remember, I am almost 60, and I hope to hit the road before I am 90. I thought you might enjoy a short tour of a Glampervan. So Glampervan it is. Hop aboard and tour the inside with me:

I also had to try out the bed – the mattress is wonderful. Lounging in bed reading a good book and taking in the view may be my new morning- oh wait – that’s what I do now at home. I am a creature of habit.

After touring the Glampervan I am seriously excited. I cannot wait to hit the road.

I am sure you are wondering about Eve and where she is. Well, Eve is back from the body shop now and ready and waiting to get dropped off next week at the Glampervan factory in San Francisco.

I’ll be taking her on her maiden voyage up to San Francisco on February 3rd, so watch for a post from that trip. Then I’ll have to wait 12 weeks until her do-over is complete. But during that time I’ll be getting items to outfit her. What do you think I need? What cooking equipment? If you have a must-have camping/RV/Van life, item let me know in the comments.

Update – August 2020

Eve is back, all glamped up, and has been out on the road now. If you want to see all her bells and whistled in detail click here. If you want to read more about the first two trips I took her on check out my trip to Joshua tree National Park, and if you want to learn more about my first dispersed camping experience in Sequoia National Forest click here.

Thanks for joining me on the journey!


  1. I am so excited for you! Maybe we can meet in some of your locations, or I can even hitch a ride in short trips 🙂

  2. Hi, I have a 2020 Ford Transit Van extended length/tall. I’m looking for someone to convert it into a Hair Salon. Please let me know if this is something that you can do or if you know of someone, Thank you


    1. Hi – This sounds like an innovative way to bring a salon to customers. Unfortunately I am not a DIYer and I have no idea how you would get this done. The company that converted my van only works on Promasters. Good luck though!

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