Two super easy ways to make turkey for your Thanksgiving Camping Feast

Inside: 2 Hot Logic Mini recipes to bring turkey and all the fixin’s to your Thanksgiving camping feast (or solo dinner at home)- all the flavors of a traditional turkey dinner without the fuss.

Thanksgiving turkey Loaf (left) and Thanksgiving turkey roll (right) – two delicious ways to make turkey this Thanksgiving

Are you trying out camping this Thanksgiving? Heading out to feel the clear fresh autumn air and tromp through some fall leaves?

Or, are you a full-time Vanlifer or RVer looking for a way to have all the tastes of a turkey dinner without all the work (or clean up)?

Or are you wondering how to prepare an authentic tasting Thanksgiving dinner for only 1 or 2 people and not drown in leftovers aftwards?

If any of these scenarios describes your situation – I have you covered.

There is no question this is a challenging year. One where the old tried and true traditions may not work out. It’s that way for my family. Thanksgiving has been the one holiday all my children come together with me. It’s our favorite holiday by far. Sadly, this is the first time in over 3 decades we won’t all be together.

Different times require new strategies.

This is why I’ve worked out two easy turkey recipes you can make while you’re out camping (or at home) – even if you only have 12v power!

My family taste-testers have given the thumbs up to both recipes. In fact, they’ve tasted turkey to the point that, well, we might call it done and cook something different on the big day.

You’ll need a Hot Logic Mini to make this Thanksgiving camping feast

Both recipes are made with a Hot Logic Mini, a small personal cooker/food warmer. Think of it like a lunch box sized slow-cooker. In my van, I now cook with Hot Logics almost exclusively. You can read more about why I love this gadget here.

Follow these links for both the 120V outlet version (top) and the 12V car model (bottom). And check out the cool color options! I have the purple and the bright green, of course (and black, pink, and paisley – because I am a Hot Logic addict – and no they are not paying me to say this – at all).

I have two recipes to share. Each serves 1-2 people depending on how hungry you are. One person will likely have leftovers for another meal – just heat it up in your Hot Logic.

Both recipes combine the taste of roasted turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce. Either recipe will give you all the flavor of Thanksgiving – with one glass dish to clean up. They can be prepped in less than 15 minutes and cook in two hours. (just enough time for you to take a nice hike before dinner).

A note on the ingredients

Both recipes use a dry stuffing mix. I started out testing recipes using a homemade stuffing mix, but ultimately tried and preferred the Stovetop brand (it was unanimous in my family). It just tasted better, so that’s what I recommend you use.

We tried out the recipes with both chicken and cornbread flavors and cornbread won every taste test. It also looked nicer, giving a little splash of yellow.

If you want to make your own copycat version try this recipe. If making your own stuffing, cut the bread cubes tiny – under 1/2 inch square – so they incorporate better.

Are you a sausage stuffing fan? Add some cooked sausage to the mix if you like. Both recipes allow a lot of flexibility to adjust to your taste buds.

We preferred cranberry jelly for the loaf recipe and whole cranberry sauce for the roll, but the recipes work with either.

Thanksgiving Turkey Loaf

This cute little Hot Logic turkey loaf uses reconstituted dressing instead of breadcrumbs and is coated in a cranberry-balsamic glaze. The loaf is baked surrounded by the remaining stuffing mix. This is the easiest of the two recipes to put together.

Because it uses ground turkey, it’s easy to make just the size you need. A little turkey gravy is nice on this recipe.

Thanksgiving Turkey Roll

The turkey roll uses only three ingredients. It’s made with a thick slice of turkey breast rolled up around a layer of cranberry sauce and stuffing.

This dish slightly edged out the turkey loaf in our taste tests, but it was close. Turkey breast meat comes in 2-3 pound portions typically, so you need to divide up the meat and use a 1-pound slice.

The slow, low-temperature cooking of turkey breast in a Hot Logic Mini leaves the meat tender and juicy – much more than a traditional roast turkey.

In addition, the cranberry layer balances out the savory stuffing.

Both recipes are winners for a Thanksgiving camping dinner

Either way, turkey loaf or turkey roll, both recipes are family tested winners.

Each recipe makes enough for either two servings or one big serving plus leftovers. Both only take minutes to prepare. You can eat right out of the cooking dish if you like and just pop the lid on to save the leftovers. Add some store-bought or homemade side dishes and a dessert and you have a Thanksgiving camping feast that will give you the post-prandial serotonin rush you crave – plus you won’t face a sink full of crusted on pans and dishes to clean up.

Bonus: Get more Hot Logic Mini recipes in a free, downloadable, printable handout when you sign up for email updates from my life on the road.


  1. We will be doing our vegan sage seitán at home, but it was fun to read or your tasty inventiveness. It’s inspiring how you’re finding and sharing new ways to celebrate when losing the holiday surrounded by your children. I hope you have a lovely day!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I am looking forward to many meals in our Glampervan…if Dodge would ever deliver it. ( it has been delayed for 3 months now). So in the meantime, we have to get our van life thrills vicariously through your posts.

    A quick question-is the hot logic mini a one serving appliance or would it make enough food for two?

    1. It easily makes enough for two for most things. I do like having 2 though as I can heat up rice of veggies in one and a main course in the other. But the 36 oz. containers hold enough for two people unless you are really big eaters. Thanks for getting in touch. I look forward to hearing about your van when it arrives – send me an email with photos!!!

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