Sssnoo-Tube is Launched. Eve the Glampervan goes in for Cosmetic Surgery.

Eve is waiting for her transformation…

My almost new Dodge Ram Promaster soon-to-be Glampervan will soon head up to San Francisco for her full body transformation. However, before she travels up north she has a few superficial blemishes to fix up. A couple scratches and minor dents from her prior short life as a rental van.

I am inaugurating my sssnoo-tube channel where I will be documenting Eve’s and my adventures. Please come along and get a short tour of the “before” version of the van process. She is empty and cavernous inside now, with an echo that is calling to be filled with bed, kitchen, sound, color…

Because I plan to drive and live in Eve for many years I want her to hold up well. These minor scratches are nothing now, but they could be sites for rust to form, shortening her lifespan or leading to costly repairs. Therefore – I am getting her boo-boos fixed now. Before ladders and solar panels and decks get in the way.

On color – purple is my favorite – hands down. As Eve is built out she will have grape-purple Sunbrella upholstery. In addition — oooo I am sooo excited — she will soon have purple seats. I found these perfect purple seat covers online and they are going in as soon as they arrive.

How cool are these purple seat covers?

I hope you will join me as I navigate becoming a part time van dweller.



  1. Eve is going to look awesome, can’t wait to see her transformation and am looking forward to follow where your new journey takes you <3

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