20 Campervan Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Make Her Smile

Inside: Campervan gift ideas for all budgets ($10.00-$300.00) and sure to delight the woman adventurer in your life. If you are a woman who loves camping, add these to your Dear Santa letter and maybe you’ll get lucky. Or just buy yourself a present – that’s fun too.

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It’s that time of year when we start looking for the perfect gift for our special people. We want their eyes and hearts to light up with surprise and excitement. However, when your person is a traveler and adventurer, especially one living in a campervan or RV, it’s a challenge to find something that fits their minimalist lifestyle and also brings joy.

To help you out, I curated this list with the woman van lifer/RVer/camper in mind. To make the list, an item had to be (mostly) useful, not take up a lot of space, and likely to bring a smile to your adventurer’s face.

Of course, if you are an adventurer, and something sparks your fancy, let your special person know and make gift buying easier for friends and family.

Fun things

1. Subpar Parks stickers, card & posters ($3.50-25.00)

Amber Share is making quite a name for herself with her outrageously funny designs based on 1-star Yelp reviews of our National Parks.

I suggest heading over to her site and browsing through the captions on her cards and posters. They are a hoot. This is a perfect, fun campervan gift. Anyone with a sense of humor who enjoys our National Parks will get a giggle from these cards.

Who knows, you may even get a snail mail letter written on a Subpar Parks card as a gift that keeps giving (maybe include some pens & stamps too!)

2. National Park Game ($41.64)

This may be just the ice breaker needed for the day we can socialize properly again. Imaging bringing this to a meetup of campers? I love board games and this looks perfect for an around-the-picnic-table gathering in the National Park of your/her choice.

3. National Park Stickers for your van/RV ($12.99)

Who doesn’t love stickers? This is an ideal gift for someone embarking on a monumental road trip in their campervan or RV. The vinyl stickers can go on as she checks each park off her list.

4. Traveler Key Chain ($9.99)

Every camper van traveler needs a key chain, why not make it something inspirational too?

5. The Wander Club National Park and US State Key Fob and Jewellery ($6.00-25.00)

The Wander Club: Collect Your Travels, Change the World
Key Fobs
The Wander club necklace/charm

The Wander Club makes a wide assortment of items that make the perfect gift for someone heading out on a National Park or US state travel adventure. They also have country charms, so if international travel is her thing, you’re covered.

These cute charms are a perfect, small way to commemorate travel.

6. National Park postcards ($17.27)

Here’s a complete set of cards representing 61 National Parks. If your traveler keeps a journal it’s easy for her to fasten a card in as she travels. She can also hang up the cards in her campervan or RV for easy, changeable art.

Of course, you can also include stamps and ask her to mail you the cards and tell you all about her fun adventures.

Books, Atlases & Journals

7. DeLorme California Atlas (23.70) (Other states available)

Some people still use paper maps – I know I’m one of those troglodytes. This gift is perfect for trip-planning and as a supplement to camping apps. We all know reception is often an issue – especially in remote regions of California. This Atlas covers every single California road in existence (I think) – so your camper can zero right into the local BLM and FS lands and roads to find the perfect boondocking spot.

Other state’s are available so just click the link and then search for the state you are looking for.

8. Rand McNally North America Atlas ($19.29)

I LOVE my rand McNally. Every road and highway I travel gets highlighted. A morning cup of coffee while perusing my map and dreaming about places to go is my version of a great time. Many solo women travelers would agree.

No campervan or RV is complete without a Rand McNally Atlas. Your favorite traveler will thank you for this present when she is trying to find her way and doesn’t have cell service.

9. National Park Journal ($34.95)

It’s fun to record your travels, and a journal is a great place to jot down your favorite sites and experiences. There are many National Park journals out there but I think this one is exceptional. The spiral binding makes it easy to use and virtually indestructible. It includes 62 parks and has lists of must-to things to see in each. You also get stickers for each park to document where you’ve been. And I’ve already talked about how cool stickers are.

Many people use the National Park Passport to collect park and monument stamps, but right now, during the COVID pandemic, even if the park is open the ranger and information stations may not be – so don’t count on getting your stamp (or like me, you forget until after you leave and end up with no stamp). It’s nice to have the stickers too.

10. Audible Subscription ($15.00-150.00)

If your adventurer enjoys reading books, then make sure she always has one to listen to. Even if she already has a subscription, your gift can be used to extend it. You can gift one month or up to an entire year.

Think about gifting specific books too. If you struggle to find interesting titles, here are links to several book lists I’ve compiled: Books Set in California (more states coming), Motivating Female Memoirs and Biographies, Books for World Travelers, and Uplifting Books.


11. Wool tanks and tees ($39.99-80.00)

100% wool clothing is perfect (might I say essential?) for the female traveler. Wool tanks and tees make perfect gifts because they are a tad indulgent compared to their cotton versions; it may feel a bit indulgent to buy for oneself.

People think of wool clothing as itchy, but these tanks and tees are anything but. What they are is comfortable and cool even in hot weather.

Plus, they’re perfect for campervan dwellers because they do not retain body odor and can be worn for days without smelling. Really. Plus they’re durable and wash easily (they can be washed by hand, but also in a washing machine – plus they can go in the dryer!)

My two favorite brands are WoolX, Woolly Clothing.

12. Travel pants ($109.95)

Best pants EVER!

Pants are a pain to buy. It is so difficult to find a pair that fits, especially if they need to be durable and flexible for hiking and outdoor activities. After trying many, many versions, I FINALLY found a company that makes the perfect fitting pants.

Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof Women’s Travel Pants are worth every penny. I wore these during a Ugandan gorilla trek and safari and they totally rocked! Plus, they truly are pickpocket-proof, lightweight, and fast-drying.

Your camper will love these, I promise. The customer service is great too.

Try this Black Friday promo code VIP25 to get 25% off site wide.

Van Gadgets

13. Mini alarm 2-pack ($8.99)

Safety is often a concern for solo women travelers so these little alarms make a perfect campervan gift and stocking stuffer. I keep one hanging by my bed and one on the outside of my day pack so I can find it fast. They make a LOUD alarm sound, sure to scare off scary people and scary animals.

14. Clothesline ($8.99)

If you are out in a van or RV you have to hang things up to dry. This is a perfect campervan clothesline. Use this line to hang up drying clothes, or to hang a tarp making an instant shower curtain. I also use mine to hang up postcards for a mini art exhibit I can change out often.

15. Garmin inReach Mini GPS ($249.99)

This is by far the priciest item on this gift list, and also requires a monthly subscription to work (the subscription can be turned on and off by month for intermittent travelers). BUT it is probably the single most important safety gadget a solo woman camper can carry with her.

Many wilderness areas do not have cell coverage. The Garmin inReach is a satellite communicator that allows the owner to 1) send text messages to family/friends letting them know they’re ok and off-grid, 2) has an SOS function so they can easily call for emergency help whether in a campground or out on a trail, and 3) has an evacuation insurance option that will cover any emergency rescue, airlift, etc. needed.

The most likely emergencies a solo camper will face are getting lost or experiencing an injury/illness. With a Garmin inReach, help is only a button away.

Any solo camper will appreciate this gift.

16. Bungee Cord Collection ($14.99)

What camper couldn’t use more bungee cords? You can use them for so many things. As a campervan gift, they will be put to use buckling items in place before trekking down a bumpy dirt road.

17. First Aid Kit for Campers ($36.00)

Give your special person the means to stay safe and sound when out on an adventure and sends them a statement that you care. I’ve looked at a lot of first aid kits, and many have more useless stuff than items you will need. This is the best I’ve found, plus it’s a compact size making it easy to take along on a hike.

The CamperVan Kitchen

18. Minimus single serving condiment and sauce collections and organizer box

Travel Size Toiletries | Minimus your Travel Size Products Superstore

Condiment organizer box 6.99

This gift is absolutely perfect for a campervan dweller. In any campervan or RV, space is limited and there is never enough room for all the condiments, sauces, dressings, and such you would keep on hand at home. Minimus sells individual packets and containers of just about any packaged foodstuff you may use.

If you know your camper well, you can stock her up with all her favorites. If you don’t know her preferences you can give her a gift certificate.

What really makes this gift special though is the little organizer box. The adjustable insides allow you to set up the container to neatly hold and organize all the little condiment packages. The whole thing stores in almost no space.

This is a game-changer for a campervan kitchen

19. HotLogic Mini ($39.99)

If you’ve followed this blog much, you know I am devoted to HotLogic Mini’s. I do almost all my campervan cooking in it. Think of it as a super lightweight, easy to use, van slow cooker.

If you need recipes, check some out here and here.

The link to the left is for the 120V version, but there is also a 12V version.

No van or RV should be without this cool gadget.

20. Ninja Personal Blender ($49.99)

I researched mini-blenders/smoothy makers for hours and hours, and the Personal Ninja was my ultimate choice. I’m so glad. It takes care of any blending need and makes a most delicious smoothy. It’s also easy to clean which is important in a campervan kitchen.

Happy Shopping

I hope you found something here for your very special camper. More than anything, when you find the perfect gift, include a note telling her how much you admire and trust her. Wish her happy journeys and amazing adventures! If you are a solo woman camper, buy yourself a little present this year and tell yourself the same things. Most of all, stay safe out there and embrace the moment.

Happy holidays everyone!


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