Book Review – A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis by Nikki Furrer

There is not much at all for women who want to learn the ins and outs of using cannabis. Now, the definitive book has arrived.

Book Review – A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis by Nikki FurrerA Woman's Guide to Cannabis by Nikki Furrer
Published by Workman Publishing on December 25, 2018
Genres: Social Science, Popular Culture, Gardening, Marijuana Cultivation, Medical, Drug Guides, Holistic Medicine
Pages: 224
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This entertaining, expert guide for women of all ages will demystify the world of weed and show you how to find just what you’re looking for—whether it’s freedom from aches and pains or a fit of giggles.   Find the right dose to relieve anxiety, depression, inflammation, and mitigate signs of aging. Boost moods, even lose weight and get restful sleep. Learn how to navigate the typical dispensary, with its intimidating variety of concentrates, edibles, vape pens, and tinctures. And understand the amazing health-giving compounds found in cannabis—THC, CBD, terpenes, and more—and how to use topicals to reduce pain and give your skin a healthy glow. There’s even advice on how not to get high but still reap all the amazing health benefits.   Plus there are over twenty recipes, from edibles like Netflix and Chill Caramels to self-care products like Radiant Glow Serum.  


Whether you are a novice to cannabis, just curious, or a somewhat experienced user, you will find a vast amount of usable, practical information in this book. Nikki writes in a comfortable, entertaining style and will demystify much of what you “hear” about weed, MJ, Maryjane, marijuana, wacky taffy, CBD, cannabis or whatever moniker you use.

THC just the basics, please

I particularly appreciated Nikki’s description of the chemicals in cannabis in layman’s terms: cannabinoids (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC ), and terpenes. For example – CBD does NOT get you high, THC does get you high, and terpenes are responsible for the taste and smell.

She covers the basics of strains (indica, sativa, and hybrids); how to pick a good bud or an appropriate edible; and how to smoke, ingest or rub on safely and with the effect you want. Her illustrations and graphics are fantastic – love them. She also includes a few recipes and formulas for making your own products. Another nice feature is the quality of the cover and pages – as in, literally, the paper quality. Nikki understands that owners will pick up and handle this book a lot.

Nikki covers a lot of history and does a good job reviewing the literature. She comes just short of making medical claims, and that may be the one criticism I have of the book. Data about pot’s efficacy for various medical conditions need to be established. It is currently mostly anecdotal. That means neither that it is incorrect or correct; just that it is inadequately studied.

That said, given the caveats and disclaimers I discuss in a related post, cannabis products are unlikely to do serious harm – highly unlikely if used cautiously and by the right population of people.

If you are a novice of any (adult) age, this guide will walk you through everything from what to expect when you go to a dispensary, how to consume your first cannabis product safely, and what to use each type of product for. There is just a wealth of information.

Every woman should read

I think this is a book every woman should read – it comes close to being these millennia’s Our Body Ourselves. I expect men will also find the information very handy, so if you buy the book, keep it out where your men-folk can also find it.

What if you are an abstainer? A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis is still useful for reading. Better to know your evil than hoodwinked by misleading, nonfactual propaganda. In all likelihood, you know someone who does use cannabis products, so before you judge, educate yourself.

Pot prohibition is ending – it will end in my lifetime (fingers crossed). Over 50% of the US population now has access to legal pot products. We are, I’m convinced, on the downhill slope to national legalization. Be ready.


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