Best Pickpocket Proof Travel Trousers a Woman (or Man) Can Buy

Well-fitting, pickpocket-proof travel trousers are an essential item for global adventurers. But The perfect pair are hard to find. I finally struck gold when I bought a pair of Clothing Art’s pickpocket-proof travel pants for a trip to Africa last year. These travel trousers are honestly THE BEST.

Me wearing the best travel trousers and getting ready for a Mountain Gorilla trek.
Ready for my gorilla trek with my snazzy pants all tucked into my socks so the biting ants can’t crawl up my legs.

Know one thing about me and clothes: if it can’t be bought online, I don’t need it or want it. That includes socks, bras and everything else. I have my go-to stores where I know my size and I know what I buy will fit.

Last year I took a trip to Rwanda and Uganda and needed some comfortable, versatile pants to wear for some serious trekking. I knew I wanted pants that would hold up to serious hiking and were very comfortable no matter the contortions of my body. As I would be carrying passport and money I also wanted pants with secure pockets – and a lot of them. Finally – they had to be sturdy enough to last a long time.

I looked and looked and looked and was worried I would have to – gasp – head out to a store or, even worse, a mall.

I ordered about a half dozen pairs of trousers through REI – they all looked like serious possibilities online, but nope. The fit was horrid. Waist in the wrong place, too short (I am 5’10”, or was in my prime – I won’t disclose the age-related shrinkage) or even too long. All of them ended up returned.

Finally, I found Clothing Arts and read all the reviews and testimonials – and remained skeptical.

I was worried I wouldn’t receive the Clothing Arts pants in time because they were back-ordered. But, yay, they came the day before I left. I found the customer service excellent both by phone and email.

They ARE the best travel trousers

But they ARE the best! Check out all the features in the video Clothing Arts posted to YouTube. This is NOT an affiliate link – I am not receiving anything for reviewing these pants — I just think they are great, and they aren’t that easy to find with a search.

I am not sure I have EVER had such well-fitting pants. I liked the pair I bought for my trip so much I bought a second pair when I returned home. Khaki and Grey. You can bet these will be going with me in Eve, my Glampervan.

My one wish? That I had discovered these trousers earlier in the year for my solo travel to Italy -exploring and hiking the Cinque Terre region.

Disclosure (again) – I don’t get anything for plugging these pants. Nada. I just really love them and I know how hard it is to find great pants. You can see my general size and shape up above. Also – Talbot’s and Land’s End pants generally fit me well if that helps you figure out if these would work for you too.


  1. Thanks Sandra – going on a hiking trip in Scotland next year. I will order a pair to try. Any other hiking tips would be appreciated.

    1. Great! Let me know how they fit. I will be posting more for hiking. I am planning an article with the “must haves” for your backpack. If you have any topics you are interested in let me know. And check back and tell me about your Scotland trip – I am interested in hiking there as well. I want to know how windy it is!

  2. Thanks for this review! I’m 5’7″ and usually wear a size 10 or 12 in US sizes (12 or 14 in UK). Did you find you ordered your usual size or did you have to size up? I’ve read a few people’s reviews elsewhere who the company refused to publish on their site, so I’m a little skeptical (and don’t want to order the wrong size as they charge for shipping to returns). I just want to make sure I get it right, but I’m very interested in these for my round the world trip next year!

    1. Hi — Thanks for your question. I am 5’9″ and at the time wore a 12, and the pants fit great. I am on the curvier side – have hips and a butt – and many pants like these seem to be built for different body types. This said, I bought the pants in 2019 – hopefully, they haven’t changed the build. If you buy them, I would love to hear your more up-to-date feedback. Good luck.

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