Welcome! I’m the Old Woman in a Van!

Let me ask you some questions…

  • Do you feel your opportunities for adventure slipping away like grains of sand in an hourglass?
  • Do you dream of simplifying your life and heading into the vast unknown in your very own camper van or RV?

Yes, but…

  • Are fears holding you back from taking that epic trip?
  • Do you want someone to help you:
    •  Understand the vast range of van and RV options available?
    • Get your mind, body, and everything else ready for that first adventure?
    • Plan itineraries, places to stay, and things to do?
    • Integrate your travel with inspiring literature?

Are you ready to start living BIG?

I believe women will create empowering, enriching, and epic adventures when given the right tools.

I can show you how.

  • Imagine your newfound courage – because you KNOW you can conquer any obstacle in front of you.
  • Imagine heading out full of anticipation for the new places, new experiences, and new friends you’ll encounter.
  • Imagine seeing the open road in front of you. You are in command of your destiny — you are FREE!

See what my readers are saying:

“I love following along with your adventures and dreaming up my own!” Jessica

“Thank you for all your mentoring over the years.” Eileen

“I want to start planning my own road trip. In fact, I’m going to!” Michelle

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We all have a story — Here’s mine

My life-changing wake-up call came two years ago when my mother, at only 79 years old, passed away. I was already 57, balancing a successful career and maturing family, yet suddenly I faced the stark realization that more decades of my life were behind me than in front of me. That realization shook me wide awake and made me reassess how I wanted my remaining years to play out. The more I thought about it, the more the road beckoned, so I took a deep breath and transformed my life.

I knew I wanted to live BIG. I knew I craved adventure and experiences. Since childhood, travel was a treasured part of my life. My favorite and lasting memories are from trips I took with family, friends, or alone.

So, I retired early from the science career that had once defined me but now felt stale. I learned all I could about van life and travel. Finally, with my children as my biggest cheerleaders, I leaped – I ordered a custom campervan and made plans to take off to parts unknown. I’m still learning, so I know I’ll face challenges. But I also know I’m already conquering fears, making memories, and living my best BIG life. You can too! 

When you join The Old Woman Who Lives in a Van, you’ll become my virtual travel companion. I’ll help you:

  • Learn how to buy and outfit a vehicle for long term travel.
  • Learn hacks and tips for the logistics of van and RV living.
  • Learn how to design a just-right-for-you adventure.
  • Be sure you’re safe, where ever you go.
  • Find unique and exciting destinations to explore, from cities to wilderness regions and everywhere in between.
  • Make your travel experience even better with regional food, culture, and reading suggestions.

It is only the beginning of my journey, so join me now and never miss an exploit. It will be more fun when I share it with you!

Indeed, The Old Woman Who Lives in a Van only becomes better when we team-up. Please reach out to me via the contact form or an email to [email protected] if you have any questions, suggestions, or stories to share.

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I love creating digital scrapbooks to remember my trips…

When you join the Old Woman Who Lives in a van community, you’ll learn how to personalize your travel adventure so that you can safely and confidently explore – and make epic memories.